The business idea is very simple; it is all about producing healthy fresh bread using natural local ingredients within an affordable price. Therefore, the mission of this business was stated as "producing and supplying high quality and healthy bread using local, natural ingredients within an affordable price." This highlights how Grain Bin Bakery is contributing to local development by supporting the local farms and producers, increasing health awareness, and making a high quality product available to all the community.

 There are no preservatives, chemicals or additives in any of Grain Bin Bakery's products. The main ingredients are: Fresh Stone Ground Wheat or Winter Wheat, Water, Yeast, Vegetable Oil, Raw Honey and Salt. Moreover, fresh fruits are used to make flavored bread, for example fresh oranges are used for the Orange Bread, fresh local Berries are used for Blueberry Bread, fresh Apple for Apple Almond Bread... etc. No artificial flavors or concentrated juices or jams are used in any of Grain Bin Bakery's products.
 Grain Bin Bakery's bread is simple formula bread. It is mainly country bread ingredients and similar to the bread your grandma might have made. We add no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no modified flour and no additives, which make our bread a unique product in Lincoln and the surrounding towns. The flavors used for Grain Bin Bakery's bread are all natural and fresh, which creates more value for the product. Fresh rich bread, healthy and affordable, baked every day is the headlines differentiating Grain Bin Bakery from other bakeries.